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Spray Paint Refinishing

Furniture Spray Paint Refinishing

Elite Refinishing provide professional furniture spray painting in Rainham, Gillingham, Strood and all surrounding areas.

Furniture can often be an expensive investment and a lot of thought and consideration goes into deciding what style and colour will fit into your properties decor. Inevitably over time you will want to redecorate but then you have a problem, what colour scheme do you choose that will work with your furniture? Do you stay with your current colour scheme (which you know you are bored with) or do you choose that fresh modern new colour that you love but know it won’t work with your furniture?

The next question is do you replace your furniture with something that works with the colour you want even though what you already have is a great storage solution?

Well, this is where Elite Refinishing can help you!

We can transform your furniture by professionally spray painting it in any colour you choose so it can blend perfectly into your new decor.

We can do it all!!

whether it’s bedroom wardrobes or drawers, dining sets, sideboards, dressers or radiator covers – we can help.


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How Do We Do It?

We will arrange to remove the items of furniture to be sprayed (where possible) and take them away to our workshop.

They will then be cleaned, prepared, sanded and any repairs needed to chips, scratches and dents will be carried out.

Once the piece of furniture is fully prepared we will apply two coats of primer and allow to cure. Once cured the primer will be sanded and any further repairs carried out if needed.

The item will then be cleaned and tacked off ready for topcoat. We then apply two coats of pigmented lacquer topcoat in your chosen colour.

Once fully cured the furniture is finished.

For solid wood and veneer items the same process applies but we use clear lacquer topcoat.

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