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Spray Paint Refinishing

Kitchen Spray Paint Refinishing

Looking to change the look of your kitchen? Then why not have it professionally spray painted?

Elite Refinishing offer kitchen spray paint refinishing in Rainham, Gillingham, Strood and all surrounding areas.

We can completely transform the look of your kitchen cabinets for a fraction of the cost of a replacement kitchen!


Want a new look kitchen but not the cost!?

Let Elite Refinishing completely change the look without the big price tag!


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How do we do it?

We remove all cabinet doors, drawers and plinths and take them away to our workshop to be cleaned, repaired, sanded and then recleaned ready for primer.

We apply the primer by spraying 2 coats and allow to fully cure. Once cured we carry out fine sanding ensuring all surfaces are smooth, then vacuum and clean ready for topcoat. Two coats of pigmented lacquer mixed to a colour of your choice is applied by spraying and then left to fully cure. The full workshop process can take anything from 3 to 6 days depending on the amount of items to be sprayed, the condition of the items and repairs needed.

The next stage is your fixed kitchen units. We arrive onsite and begin with the masking up process. We apply floor protection to all areas where works will be carried out and mask off all cabinet openings, worktops and areas around the fixed cabinets. Once masked, we clean, repair, sand and then reclean all cabinets ready for primer. We then spray 2 coats of primer on all prepared surfaces and allow to cure. Once cured we carry out fine sanding to smooth off the primer and fully clean off ready for topcoat. We then spray 2 coats of the same colour as the doors, drawers and plinths and leave to fully cure. Once fully cured we then unmask all areas. The onsite process can take anything from 2 to 4 days depending on the size of the kitchen and the level of repairs needed.

We will then return with all of the doors, drawers and plinths and refit your kitchen and make sure you are 100% satisfied with work we have carried out. This process usually takes a few hours.

Cabinets masked

Once its finished

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