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Surface Repair
- Repairing, Not Replacing

Surface Repairs

 Elite refinishing specialise in surface repairs in Gillingham, Strood, Rainham and all surrounding areas.

Damage to hard surfaces can be annoying, they can also become costly if not seen to. The natural thought is the item will need to be replaced, but not if you contact us!

We carry out cosmetic repairs to virtually any hard surface in a property or building saving you hundreds and sometimes thousands in replacement costs!

Chips, scuffs, holes, burn marks and more can be repaired making the damage virtually invisible meaning that surface can be back in use and looking back to original in only a few hours. This method not only saves you money. It also saves the hassle and stress of getting quotes and organising different trades to carry out the works to replace the damaged surface. It also saves all those replaced items going to landfill.

Kitchen worktops and cabinets, wooden floors, oak doors, uPVC windows and doors, baths, shower trays, basins, tiles, laminate and veneer, furniture.

Damaged surface?

Elite Refinishing can save you the cost and hassle of replacing!


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How do we do it? 

The repair methods and processes are very similar on most surfaces however we use different products for the substrate being repaired.

We use a range of different fillers, 2 part fillers, wax fillers and resin fillers. To carry out the repair the initial process is the same.

We clean the damaged area to remove any dirt, dust or loose debris. We then choose the best filler for the substrate and area of repair, fill the damage and allow to cure.

Once cured we sand down the filler to level, we apply a second skim of filler if needed and repeat.

Once the damage is filled and level we then begin the colouring process. On most repairs this process is carried out using pigmented lacquer tints which we colour match to the surface and apply using a fine artist brush. For larger repairs we can spray the base colour using an airbrush. We then add different tones, grains or pattern detail to replicate the original surface and apply a lacquer to seal the repair.

For single colour surfaces or sanitary ware we would spray a colour matched coating using an airbrush. The paint coatings we use are specially designed for the substrate being repaired.

Most repairs are completed within a few hours but can vary depending on the size and type of damage. If you have a number of repairs needed these can normally be carried out at the same time.

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