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Spray Paint Refinishing

uPVC Spray Paint Refinishing

Elite Refinishing can literally transform the look of your property by spray painting your uPVC windows, doors, fascias/soffits, conservatories and guttering.

If your frames are looking tired or faded or you would like a nice modern colour upgrade you don’t need to replace them, we have a cost effective long lasting solution!

We can spray paint your existing uPVC windows for less than 50% of the cost of replacement!

This also comes with a 10 year product guarantee to give complete piece of mind.

With over 20 years of experience within the spray paint refinishing industry, you can be assured our attention to detail and quality workmanship, will leave you with a flawless finish that will really give your property that kerb appeal!

Refinish - Don't Replace!

Professional spray painting uPVC in Rainham, Gillingham, Strood & all surrounding areas.


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Our Process

Firstly we remove all the old silicone – paint doesn’t really like silicon and will not adhere to it causing it to flake off when dry. This is a very important stage in the process and must be completed properly.

We then remove the window sashes where possible and thoroughly clean the surface areas using a specialist cleaner to remove any dirt and grime and wipe dry.

The next stage is to mask up all glass, openings and surrounding areas to prevent over spray. We then prep the surface to be sprayed by rubbing down the frames using an abrasive pad ensuring all areas have been fully keyed.

Using an airline we then blow off any dust and debris and fully clean again using a specialist solvent cleaner – we are now ready for the topcoat.

Using professional spraying equipment we apply the paint in a 3 coat process allowing curing between coats.

Once the frames are fully coated we allow to cure before unmasking and refitting the sashes.

We then apply colour matching silicone where old silicone was removed and the job is complete.

Elite Refinishing