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Worktop Refinishing
- Repairing, Not Replacing

Worktop Refinishing and Repair

Along with our kitchen spray paint refinishing service Elite Refinishing also offer kitchen worktop refinishing in Rainham, Gillingham, Strood and all surrounding areas.

This means that not only can we transform your worktops, we have the ability to completely transform your entire kitchen without the need for replacement saving you thousands!

It also saves unnecessary waste going to landfill which helps the environment.

Have you thought about changing your worktops but not sure on what style? Or you don’t really want the hassle, mess and costs that come with it? Then you need to speak to us at Elite Refinishing!

We can transform your worktops in a variety of colours and finishes

Flintstone effect is a very popular choice. This is a product that comes in various colours with a textured flintstone speckled effect with a low gloss finish. We can also supply solid/straight colours, metallic and pearl colours.


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How We Do It

Firstly we remove all the silicone around the edges of the worktop, sink and hob. We then clean off the surface and surrounding areas and fully mask off around the worktop.

We then fully sand the worktop and carry out any cosmetic repairs required.

Once prepared we clean off the surface and then apply a coat of primer using professional spraying equipment and allow to cure. Once cured we sand the primer and re-clean ready for the colour coating.

We then spray the chosen colour coating evenly ensuring the worktop has the required coverage and then allow to fully cure. At this stage the coating is usually left overnight to fully cure before the clear coat can be applied.

The next stage is to apply the low gloss clear coat. We spray the clear coat in 3 coats allowing a flash off between coats and then left to fully cure. This normally takes between 1-2 hours.

Once fully cured we remove all the masking material and apply fresh silicone and the job is complete. The full workshop refinishing process takes between 2-3 days.

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